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Corporate Design


FAQ Branding and Corporate Design

General Guidelines:

Who does the Corporate Design apply to?

The Corporate Design of the University of Zurich has been binding for the entire university since November 1, 2010. Own logos and design lines are not permitted for ZDU units, institutes, seminars, their departments, research groups, or chairs.

What rules apply to the UZH logo?

All communication channels and signage are marked with the UZH logo, ensuring clear orientation. In the new UZH Corporate Design, only the original German UZH logo is used. The use of the English logo is omitted. The University of Zurich logo consists of three parts, which are always displayed as a unit: the seal, the "Universität Zürich" lettering, and the UZH acronym.

Are own logos allowed?

UZH organizational units and UZH projects are not allowed to have their own logos. UZH follows a "One-Brand-Strategy." Everything that is UZH should also be branded as UZH.

Are there rules for the CD of collaborations, research focuses, associated institutes, etc.?

Yes, the Corporate Design guidelines for collaborations, UFSP, KFSP, competence centers, museums, medical service units, alumni, research networks, associated institutes, professional associations, student associations, and foundations are defined. You can obtain the specifications through a support request on this page.

Where are quality logos placed?

The position of quality logos, such as ISO certifications, LERU, etc., is defined for correspondence. You can obtain the specifications through a support request on this page.

How do I place sponsor logos?

Sponsors or donors do not belong on business papers. Quality logos, such as certifications, can be placed on business papers. You can obtain the specifications through a support request on this page.

Are foundations allowed to use the UZH logo or UZH templates?

No, foundations are generally not allowed to use the UZH logo. Independent foundations (which are not UZH foundations) are also not allowed to use UZH letterhead and other business papers, even if their office is located at UZH. The correct address format is c/o university unit, street, city. Liability issues are particularly against the use of the UZH logo and UZH business papers. According to CD regulations, the use of the UZH logo can be applied for and granted in certain cases. Allowing foundations to use UZH paper would be decided by the Rector, considering the legal implications.

UZH acts as a sponsor - what do I need to consider?

The UZH sponsorship guidelines are binding and regulate the conditions for cooperation with external partners. You can obtain information from the Finance Department.

I work at USZ. Should I use UZH or USZ templates?

The use of templates varies depending on the area of application:

  • Correspondence in research and teaching: UZH design (without USZ logo)
  • Presentations in research and teaching: UZH design (may include USZ logo)
  • Correspondence from clinic to patients: USZ design (without UZH logo)
  • Communication to students: UZH design (without USZ logo)
  • Business card as a physician, senior physician: USZ design (without UZH logo)
  • Business card as head of a UZH organizational unit: UZH design (without USZ logo)

Corporate Fonts and Color Palette:

What are the corporate fonts of the University of Zurich?

The UZH Corporate Design font Source Sans Pro is used on all communication channels. The font TheSans is used in the logo and permanent signage. Additionally, the font Palatino Linotype is used on graduation certificates.

Who is the UZH color palette for?

The UZH corporate colors are to be used for university-wide publications. The UZH color palette consists of the corporate color UZH blue, five accent colors, and twenty-five shades. All colors are applicable in six shades. Black and white are available for logos and fonts, gray for backgrounds. The color concept is adapted for digital, print, and MS 365 applications and is embedded in the CD templates.

Organizational Units:

What is meant by UZH organizational unit?

A UZH organizational unit can be, for example, an institute, a department, a clinic, a research focus, a cooperation, or a project. A placeholder (organizational unit) for overwriting is present on all templates. The position, font, and size must not be changed.

What can be named as a UZH organizational unit?

The naming of the UZH organizational unit should provide the target audience with orientation about the sender. For example, "The Rector" can be named as a UZH organizational unit. Also allowed are: "University Administration," "Vice President of Arts and Social Sciences," or "Dean." The deanships of the faculties can, for example, have the sender: Faculty of Arts (organizational unit), Dean's Office (subunit). Alternatively: Dean's Office of the Faculty of Arts.

Can I omit the naming of the UZH organizational unit?

Naming the organizational unit in the title field is the rule for reasons of consistency and recognizability of the publisher. The naming of the organizational unit in the title field is omitted if a university-wide matter is published (e.g., inaugural lectures, lecture series, Dies Academicus, UZH continuing education offerings, annual report, strategic goals, mission statement, study information days, Day of Teaching, research, and promotion of young talent, etc.).

Use of the Logo by Different Groups:

Can UZH students use the UZH logo for their work at UZH?

Students and doctoral candidates at UZH may use the UZH logo on their work written at UZH (e.g., term papers, bachelor's, master's theses, or dissertations), as long as the UZH logo is correctly displayed. This underscores their affiliation with UZH. They can, but are not required to, use the UZH CD templates for their publications. Students and doctoral candidates are not allowed to use the UZH logo or UZH templates for private purposes or student activities outside of research and final work. The latter requires separate approval. Corresponding applications should be submitted to the Head of Communications.

Can third parties use the UZH logo?

The UZH logo may only be used by UZH units and members. The use of the UZH logo and the UZH Corporate Design by organizations or individuals who are not directly affiliated with UZH requires prior approval from the Head of Communications. Please send an email to:

Language Use and Translations:

Are there tools and guidelines for translations?

Tools and guidelines for translating scientific texts can be found on the websites of the UZH Coordination Committee for Scientific Language and the Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich.

Are there rules for consistent language use at UZH?

Yes, consistency and clarity are essential aspects of the university's communication strategy. You can find terms related to higher education and UZH-specific designations in both German and English in the UZH terminology database at

What are the correct names for the UZH locations?

The official UZH locations are:

  • Campus Irchel
  • Campus Zentrum
  • Campus Oerlikon
  • Medical Faculty: Balgrist Hospital, Balgrist University Hospital
  • Vetsuisse Faculty: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Arts: Institute of Psychology, Main Building Zentrum

Are there rules for the email signature?

Yes, the email signature is defined. It is purely text-based and does not include any logos. The font for email texts and signatures is Source Sans Pro in size 10.5 pt.
Set up email signature


Why is the template download not working?

If the CD templates download is not working, check if you have access rights to the internal area. If the problem persists, please send an email to

Can I change the logo or the font in the templates?

The logo and the font "Source Sans Pro" are part of the corporate design and must not be changed.

Why do I need to use the style templates for headings and numbering instead of using automatic functions?

The style templates comply with the corporate design and also contribute to accessibility.

Can I use any table of contents or list of figures in the templates?

Please only use the predefined options in the corporate design ("From template"). Other formats may cause errors.

I am using my own device, not managed by UZH. How can I still use the chart templates?

On unmanaged devices, you need to copy the chart templates to the template folder yourself. Download the templates from the CD website and unzip the ZIP archive.
Officeatwork Chart Templates (ZIP, 85 KB)

MacOS Location:

On Mac, you need to copy the templates to the following folder:
~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content/Chart Templates

The easiest way to find the folder is through the Finder search field. Enter "Chart Templates," and the folder should appear in the search results.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the folder through Finder. The Library folder is usually hidden for security reasons on Mac. To open it, click "Go" in the menu bar in Finder and hold the Option key (Alt). The Library folder should now appear in the dropdown.

Windows Location:

On Windows, the default path for templates is:

If you have defined a different path in the Word settings under "File Locations," you need to copy the templates to the corresponding folder.

Printed Materials:

Where can I order business cards, envelopes, greeting cards?

Please order business cards, envelopes, and greeting cards through the designated UZH order system. Instructions and links can be found on the UZH internal service pages.

Are there rules for printing internal UZH documents?

Yes, the Corporate Design rules apply to the printing of internal UZH documents. Always use the official UZH templates and follow the guidelines for fonts, colors, and logo usage.

FAQ Templates with Officeatwork

Officeatwork Requirements:

What are the requirements to use the automated templates?

To use the automated templates, you need to log in with your UZH-Microsoft365 account. You also need to use a current version of Office.

Which operating systems support the automated templates?

The templates are compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems and the installed Office programs.

Can I use the automated templates in the online version of Word or PowerPoint?

The automated templates are only available in the locally installed versions of Microsoft Office. The online (web) versions of Word and PowerPoint are limited and do not offer all the necessary functions and formatting required for proper template application.

Which add-ins are required to use the automated templates?

You need the "Template Chooser," which allows you to select the templates. Additionally, the "Template Wizard" is required to automatically fill in and further customize the templates.

Application Questions:

What can I do if the add-ins do not appear in my Word, PowerPoint, or Excel?

First, make sure you are logged in with your Microsoft365 account. If the add-ins still do not appear, you can search and activate them in the ribbon under the "Add-ins" button. If you do not find them there, please contact us via email at

I get an error message titled "Add-In Information" when starting officeatwork. How should I handle it?

You can ignore this error message by clicking "Cancel."

The add-ins show unexpected behavior or are not working properly. How can I address this?

If you are having technical difficulties with the add-ins, it might help to restart your Office programs or to log out of your Microsoft 365 account and log in again.

Why does the Wizard not show up in the Excel templates?

Dynamic templates are currently not technically possible in Excel.

I first defined my own organizational unit and then selected an existing unit from the list. However, the self-defined unit remains. How can I resolve this?

Make sure that the input in the "Own OU" field is cleared.

The name of my organizational unit is broken in the document header or address area. Can I correct this myself?

Yes, you can edit the organizational unit in the header. Keep the predefined font and size. Please note: If you reselect your organizational unit in the wizard, your changes will be overwritten.

How can I overwrite the footer in PowerPoint?

You can adjust it using the "Footer" field.

Organizational Unit Data and Personal Data:

My personal data (job description, phone number and address) defined in the template is incorrect. How can I correct this?

You can update your personal data in the UZH Service Desk portal under "Manage Personal Data."
UZH Service Desk (Login)

The information about my organizational unit defined in the template is incorrect. How can I correct this?

You cannot update this information yourself. Please report any discrepancies via email to so we can correct the information.

My organizational unit is not displayed. How can I add it?

Report the missing organizational unit via, and use the fields for "own organizational unit" to add your data in the meantime.

Support Request

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Support Contacts

Corporate Design, Brand Consultation, and University-Wide Projects

We support UZH organizational units with questions about the UZH brand and the UZH corporate design. On behalf of the rector, we conceptualize and design university-wide projects with high external visibility.

Visual Design for Faculties, Institutes, and Central Services

Faculties, institutes, and central services should contact SIVIC (Scientific Visualization and Visual Communication) of UZH's Central IT for support in visual design.

Best Practice Web and Website Consultation

The Digital Communications department advises university-wide departments and projects on setting up a new website or optimizing an existing one.
Website Communication: Website Consultation