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Corporate Design

Corporate Design Elements

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The corporate design of UZH defines a consistent, modern appearance for the University of Zurich across all channels. It encompasses the key visual elements such as the logo, typography, and colors. The consistent application of the defined corporate design elements enhances recognition and strengthens the UZH brand.

A strong brand – a well-known logo.

Our trademark UZH logo is well-known among the general public. All communication channels and signages are marked with the UZH logo, ensuring clear orientation. To further bolster this recognition, we have decided to only use the German version of the logo in the future, in line with our consistent brand strategy. 

UZH organizational units and UZH projects do not have their own logos.

The University of Zurich logo consists of three parts that are always displayed as a unit: the seal, the University of Zurich lettering, and the UZH acronym.

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Preview UZH Acronym

UZH Acronym

Video signature, app icons, social media icons, in consultation with the CD team.

UZH Colors

A flexible UZH color palette for all applications.

The corporate color UZH Blue, five accent colors, and twenty-five shades make up the UZH color palette. All colors are available in six gradations.

Black and white are used for logos and fonts, while gray is available for backgrounds. The color concept is tailored for digital, print, and MS 365 applications and is embedded in the templates.

UZH Typography

UZH Corporate Typeface: Source Sans Pro

The use of the Source Sans Pro typeface across all digital and analog channels ensures high recognition. The open-source typeface is available as a Google Webfont free of charge and is included as a Cloud Font in Office 365.

TheSans and Palatino

The use of TheSans in the logo and permanent signage remains unchanged. Graduation certificates will continue to use the serif typeface Palatino and TheSans.

Layout Grid

A 12-column layout allows for modular and modern design. The layout grid is defined for A5, A4, A3, and A0 formats. The same column system is also used for the website.

Design Container

Logo sizes, logo placement, and text area are defined for formats from A5 to A0.

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