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Corporate Design


Note: The tutorial videos will soon be available with subtitles.

Corporate Design basics

An introduction to UZH's visual identity and how to use the CD templates.

Video: Corporate Design

Office templates with Officeatwork

With the Officeatwork add-ins, you can easily and efficiently create documents in the UZH-CD. To use the automated templates, you only need to log in to the installed Office programs with your UZH-Microsoft365 account. The add-ins are currently not function in the browser based applications.

Video: The Officeatwork add-ins

Structuring Word documents

Use the Word style sheets to structure texts.  These are particularly important for bulleted lists, numbering and headings. The style sheets ensure a consistent design and help to ensure accessibility.

Video: How to use styles

Work efficiently with table templates

Presentation of functions for optimized table display. For example, automatically aligning tables to page width, distributing columns, adding columns and rows and other practical tips.

Video: Working with tables

Create automatic table of contents

Tips for creating an automatic table of contents in a Word document.

Video: How to add a table of contents

Insert images

How to best place, crop or compress images in a Word file.

Video: How to insert images

Publishing accessible documents

structions for creating an accessible PDF file from a Word document.

Video: Create accessible documents

Create a PowerPoint presentation

Instructions for creating your own presentation with the new PowerPoint templates: using existing sample slides, creating new slides, using different layouts, text formatting and more.

Video: PowerPoint – Create new slides, work with layouts, formatting text

Placing images in PowerPoint

Inserting, aligning, editing and compressing images correctly in PowerPoint.

Video: PowerPiont - Working with images

Transferring existing content to the new layout

Insert content from an old presentation into the new PowerPoint slide layout.

Video: PowerPoint – Transfer content

Presentation tips

Useful keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint presentation mode

Video: PowerPoint – Presentation tips

Create diagrams

Instructions for creating diagrams in UZH design. The diagram templates can be used in all Office programs.

Video: PowerPoint – Working with charts

Set up e-mail signature

Word instructions for setting up a personal signature in Outlook.

Video: Outlook – Email signature